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Tips on Snow Removal

In light of the u The upside is that you won't have to get out there in the freezing cold doing that back-breaking chore...now if you have some able-body children you've got it covered. Let's say you don't mind the chore itself, sometimes life happens and you simply can't be there. Being able to rely on your contractor is one less headache (considering your contractor isn't a headache himself!) to deal with when you come home from a grueling day of gainful employment. After that the pros are eliminating frozen wetfoot, salt-destroyed footware, frozen snot-nose, and frost-bitten ears. The cons are usually limited with a good contractor. Let's talk about contracts...just say no to seasonal con

Flagstone Patios...Why is mine falling apart!

Masonry constuction is supposed to last a lifetime or more don't le You thought your flagstone patio or walk was supposed to be durable, right? You can't believe that you've only had it for a handful of years and all the joints are cracking and the tiles are coming loose. Your contractor or builder won't take responsibilty for it, right? I imagine you're being told things such as, "you're going to have to contact the masonry contractor" from your builder, or something like, "you just have to get it repointed every so often" from the masonry contractor....and round-and-round you go. Are you tired of it yet? A good portion of my work is removing another mason's shoddy flagstone work and redoin

Stucco...Just Say No! Our Homes Are Rotting

Originally purposed as a finish coat for not-so-beautiful masonry structures, stucco evolved into an extremely popular and cost-effective exterior finish... an attractive alternative to the cheap appeal of siding, right? WRONG!! It evolved into an epidemic, and one that has cost homeowners billions of dollars! Stucco was never meant for an application over timber-based structure. It is too thin of a cementitious application to keep the moisture from crawling into your life and rotting your house right out from under you. In the state of Pennsylvania alone "Stucco Remediation" has become a billion dollar industry and the worst part of the whole thing... the same guys that put the original stu

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