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Yo Meat-head! Wanna Get Paid To Workout?

Interested in earning some extra CASH? Like working with your hands? Respect a hard days work? Think you can enjoy getting paid to workout like a real meat-head? Pay bills and flex guns?

If you're thin-skinned stay home on your couch little boy because you will be working with the Stone Nazi. I will berate you into submission if you continuously screw everything up so if you can't hear that great, then don't bother. Yeah, I said that.

That's my man Rick up above, he's a Marine and a Meat-head...he lasted the longest, think you can beat the record? You can't bro, get real.

On the flip side of that coin I will teach you a great and dying trade... if you can hear. The money will always be there on payday NO MATTER WHAT. Leave your phone & pacifier in your car, we're here to work not update our social media and troll dating sites.

I like my homeowners, they are kind to me and they always take care of me so I do the same for them, so should you. I like to keep their properties neat so don't be the pig I know you are.

We (which mostly means me because I fire you all the time) build really cool things...if you like to say "wow, I did that" then this job was meant for you...but sometimes it's so tough you instead say "why me?".

Have a car.

Leave your phone in that car...and the pacifier.

Be on time.

I'm not your Daddy so don't try to charge me with the role of yours.

Bring lunch because we stay on site.

Act like a grown-up, I already have a 3 year old...if I want another baby I'll make one, not hire one.

Don't give me the whole song and dance about why you don't have a car how you'll have one in no time at all with this great opportunity if I can just transport you to and fro...take your pipe dream to the next company cause I don't give a crap until maybe after you've made 6 months with the Stone Nazi...maybe.

That's me up and to the right...leave me alone, I'm working. All you have to do to start is get me what I ask for and clean up between tasks. Simple. Uncomplicated.

If you're feeling courageous click CONTACT top of page menu bar... fill it out.

Steven Dipanfilo

ELD Masonry

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