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My Fireplace looks disgusting! Help Me!

At one time this was an attractive fireplace but the times change...and maaaaaan did this inside face really drag down the entire ambiance of this living room. Funny thing was that nobody ever realized just how bad it was, I mean we knew it was unattractive and was in need of a make-over but to what degree we had no clue until seeing it in the new!

It started out as a half serious conversation and grew up to be a serious reality and a total game changer! Goes to show don't have to live like that anymore!!! After a little brain-storming and shopping we came up with this as an affordable solution....

This project was a case of the homeowner ordering up a new inside fireplace face but instead what he got was a new and completely enhanced living room with his new wrap around fireplace! Not only did the new stonework renew his living room but it accented the kitchen on the backside as well! I like to think that when I brainstorm on a project I try to be as solution-based as I can possibly be and so there were a couple issues to navigate through on this one aside from the aesthetic value believe it or not!

We originally had wires leading up to the TV which is about the most unattractive thing possibly in the universe!LOL... I was able to sneak a couple receptacles in there and snake some wires through so now there is a direct plug in behind the TV for power, coaxial and HDMI! We also had the heater vent situation to tackle so we packed them out and painted with a neutral color to keep the smooth uninterrupted look and last but not least the flush mount brick hearth was removed and a larger much nicer piece of PA Blue Stone with a matching mantle were installed. Although the hearth took a little extra floor fabrication it was worth going the extra mile!

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