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4 Reasons to Fix Your Chimney before Winter

Have you noticed any visible problems on the exterior of your chimney? Any falling debris on the roof or ground? See any cracks or voids in the masonry construction? Water dripping in either in the interior vicinity or in the fire box itself? Might be time to get that looked at before it gets worse. I've been called to more chimney repairs this year than usual and it's prompted me to take a little more notice to chimneys in my daily travels...been seeing some unsightly disasters all around so I thought I might do another post on the topic and maybe save a few before they get worse, and they definitely will! I think a lot of people recognize they have a problem but either think & hope it won'

Yo Meat-head! Wanna Get Paid To Workout?

Interested in earning some extra CASH? Like working with your hands? Respect a hard days work? Think you can enjoy getting paid to workout like a real meat-head? Pay bills and flex guns? If you're thin-skinned stay home on your couch little boy because you will be working with the Stone Nazi. I will berate you into submission if you continuously screw everything up so if you can't hear that great, then don't bother. Yeah, I said that. That's my man Rick up above, he's a Marine and a Meat-head...he lasted the longest, think you can beat the record? You can't bro, get real. On the flip side of that coin I will teach you a great and dying trade... if you can hear. The money will always be there

Fixing My Chimney...What you should know

Is your chimney cracking, leaning, have falling pieces or a deteriorated crown/wash? -The crown is the brick or stone detail around the top and the wash is the sloped mortar on top that ensures the water will run off. These two points of your chimney are arguably the most important to address, if one fails then water, gravity and freeze/thaw will systematically destroy your chimney from the top down! This chimney had a little bit of everything going on but the homeowners Bill & Kathy smartly called a few masonry contractors for opinion and pricing...yours truly got the job! -The stucco was cracking lightly all around. -Some pieces were totally flaking off. -Both the Crown and the wash were c

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